Who Do I Look to as Good Economists


When I am considering all of the economists who are out there today, there are certain things that I look for in these individuals. There are specific traits that I want to see in such individuals. There are standards that I want these individuals to live up to. I want to find economists who I can trust. I want to see more economists out there who know what they are doing. There are only some economists out there who I have respect for, and I need those individuals to act in a specific way. I want to see economists do what is right and be all that they are meant to be.

What do I look for in economists? I want the individual who I am looking to to be a person who is honest in all that they do. I need all of the economists who I look up to to be individuals who are concerned about being honest and who will always treat others right. I also need economists to be smart. I need to know that the individuals who I am looking to for inspiration for who I would like to become are individuals who have taken all of the time that they needed to gain the education that is right for them. I need the economists that I look up to to always seek to do what is right. When I am looking for economists that I can trust and individuals that I can look up to, there are some specific things that I am looking for in those individuals, and I need to know that they will be a good example to me.

Christian Broda on chicagobooth.edu is one of the economists out there who seems to know what he is doing, and who seems to have gained the kind of education that he needs to possess. This man seems to be a leader in the field, and he is someone who I feel that I can look up to and trust. Christian Broda is someone who seems worthy of my respect. He is someone who seems to be an honest individual. He is someone who is smart. He seems to be someone who will do what is right at all times. When I am looking for good economists, Christian Broda is one of the individuals who I think of and who I look up to.

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