What’s Next For Jon Snow?


Many fans of a Game of Thrones are wondering what will take place in the next few episodes. However, there are people who have already seen the first four episodes of the new season, but for people like me who haven’t, let’s speculate as to what will come next for Jon Snow.

Jon Snow has had a rough life already, and his entire being is in question. Jon is the bastard child of former nobleman Ned Stark. However, Jon Snow is not allowed to use his father’s last name. In the world of Westeros, people view bastard children as second-class citizens. Jon Snow has been treated unfairly, but now it seems that he has had enough. Ricardo Tosto is hoping it works out just fine. He stays up to date by using Twitter and other social networks.

The premiere episode of season five ended in a cliffhanger. Stannis Baratheon is the ruthless Lord of Dragonstone, and he has taken over Jon Snow’s current location. Snow has been bravely defending the rest of the world from the White Walkers that live beyond the wall. Stannis captured Mance Rayder, who is the King beyond the wall. Stannis burns Mance Rayder alive at the stake, but Jon Snow ends the king’s suffering by shooting an arrow into his heart. Jon did not allow the wishes of Lord Baratheon to be upheld, and Jon Snow may have just created a new enemy.

Jon Snow and Stannis Baratheon are two of the fiercest fighters in all of Westeros. However, they appear to have completely different mentalities. Jon Snow dreams of peace and unity, while Stannis Baratheon would rather use force and terror to rule his people. There are rumors that Jon Snow will become king of the land, but Stannis Baratheon may be in his way. For more information on Jon Snow and a Game of Thrones, visit Rollingstone.

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