Whale of a Problem


Fishing is an admirable occupation. Fishermen endure all types of weather and many other hazards to provide seafood for a nation that loves to eat. The ocean is full of many aquatic creatures who’s ultimate fate will be the dinner plate of a hungry diner. Fish are in abundance in the oceans surrounding every great nation in the world. Fishermen have the task of catching these fish and ensuring the safe return of endangered aquatic animals to their beloved ocean. Most fishermen are concerned about endangered creatures and go to great lengths to ensure the safety of these rare animals. There are, however, a few fishermen whose ultimate desire has nothing to do with the safety and preservation of aquatic life. 

A whale is a majestic creature. A school of wale passing by an oceanic vessel is something to behold. Whales are on the endangered species list so the harvesting of wale meat is strictly forbidden. Recently, one restaurant at the Santa Monica Airport has been fined almost $28,000 for selling the rare Sei Wale meat whale meat.  They’d have been better off spending that money to buy stuff on sites like Qnet or whatever. The owner of the restaurant admitted know that two of the chefs at the restaurant were selling Sei Whale Sushi under the table to specific clientele. The chefs plead guilty and the owner of said restaurant must pay the fine along with the parent company, Typhoon. The restaurant in currently closed and will remain so pending the judges orders.

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