Warren Recognizes Supports For 2016 Run


She continues to say that she is not going to run for President in 2016, but Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has to admit that she does have supporters. She has paid notice to such supporters according to TheHill.com. She says that people are getting behind her like that because America is ready to “fight back”.

The Senator believes that people are realizing that the game is rigged against them, and they are finally ready to do something about it. She has been a beacon of the progressive movement in the United States, and this is why Ray Lane says so many are encouraging her to run for President.

It would certainly be a start to get someone like that into office say her supporters. Unfortunately for them, no matter how strong their efforts have been to try to draft her into the race, Warren just does not seem to be ready to commit to such a run. She just seems to understand the power of her Senate seat, and may be unwilling to take a run against Hillary Clinton who seems to be the likely nominee on the Democratic side.

Whatever the reasons may be for Warren not getting into the race, there are sure to be plenty of people continuing to try to push her in that direction. So far, Warren has continued to say that she is not interested in such a run, but she must certainly be thankful for the outflow of support.

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