Warren In Campaign Mode Again


Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has recently spoken out against Walmart’s treatment of its employees and called for the feds to step in and regulate nearly every aspect of the way private companies handle their work force. Now she is speaking out against Republican economic policies, claiming that we already tried that but saw it “fail spectacularly.”

She claims that Republicans have run the economy for 30 years and that it had catastrophic results. Deregulation and “trickle down economics” are to blame for most of our economic woes, she implies. She even has Hillary Clinton echoing her themes lately and coming out with statements like “corporations don’t create jobs.” Which is true, because Republican strategies just don’t work.

If you look at the numbers, Warren is absolutely correct that the current economic rules only favor the wealthy.  They are only in place to benefit rich people, and to subjugate poor people into a life of servitude.

We cannot underestimate Warren, considering how fast Barak Obama rose to power. He was only senator for two years because of his ability to garner support from both sides of the aisle, and so he managed to create quite a following and win the White House. Which is why we hope the GOP nominates a true Conservative who can contrast sharply with Warren because those types of candidates almost always fall flat, as a more progressive United States seeks to elect people that are not lying about creating a smaller government, while regulating your medical care, bedrooms, and personal beliefs.

Plus you just have to call attention to the absolute economic failure that “Reaganomics” created for some 20 years.  That’s the true face of conservative politics. Just read some of the actual numbers on FreedomPop, and you’ll see that Reagan, the darling of the GOP, was actually one of the worst presidents in the history of the United States.

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