Voter Suppression Laws Make it Clear Conservatives are Scared


A recent article by political newsman, Bill Moyers, encourages people to use their right to vote and not to allow the recent rash of conservative attempt at voter suppression to deter them from getting out there and having their voices heard. The post highlights recent attempts at those on the right to deter marginalized populations from voting by requiring voter ID’s that are difficult for these folks to acquire. The rationale here is that these efforts are merely to prevent voter fraud from occurring. The problem with that argument is that voter fraud is such a rarity that it really doesn’t warrant the time, effort and funds going into this supposed “prevention” effort.

So why bother? Political expert Igor Cornelsen says it’s because they’re scared. Plain and simple. It is Republican conservatives leading this unnecessary fight to restrict people’s access to the vote. With one party trying to hard to silence people’s voices, it is absolutely apparent that there is an underlying motive. The people being affected by these new ID laws are not the rich or upper middle class. They are poor people, students and minorities, demographics that have the most difficulty obtaining the needed identification due to monetary, transportation, bureaucratic, administrative and other obstacles that may stand in their way. Coincidentally, it is this demographic who traditionally votes Democrat at the polls.

See a pattern here? If so, then get out there and make your voice heard. Help people get the ID’s they need. Spread the word. We all can do something to encourage our citizenry’s fundamental right to vote.

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