Visual Search Engine Transforming How Business Is Done


Image recognition is a process that involves identifying and detecting objects or features in a digital video or image. This type of technology is used in security surveillance, toll both monitoring, and factory automation. Ordinary image recognition has, optical character recognition, face recognition, license plate matching, pattern and gradient matching, and scene change detection.

In an article in TechCrunch, titled, “Why image recognition is about to transform business” the technology is predicted to be even better and will transform how business is done. In Facebook Annual Developer Conference, the co-founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg spoke of how this technology will one day be better than people’s perception. Image recognition will in future help the blind “see” or understand what is happening by explaining it in words.

In the article, the extent of the program is further defined. There are no bounds to what image recognition can do, from helping the blind, to safety features in cars, to organizing untagged photo collection and getting business insights from social media –

This progress in computer vision today is giving new remarkable opportunities in analyzing images that will only help many businesses rise. It will not matter what business one is involved in, automotive, advertising, to augmented reality.

Browsing and exploring search engines results with visual search engines has become easy. It provides you with the exact result that you want. This helps one to directly get the result they are looking for instead of a long list of unwanted page titles and URLs. When selecting a visual search engine that best suits you need to consider the following;

  1. technology type, whether it is software or web-based.
  2. Visual Types, list, stacks, dynamic map, tag clouds, etc.
  3. Search option, keywords, domain RSS, or date
  4. Content sources, this include the web, videos, images, Amazon books, Wikipedia, etc.

Slyce is one company that is leading in the use of visual search technology. They provide two options to either take a picture or scan a barcode. Then using their visual search engine one search for results. The results are received between 1- 15 seconds depending on whether it is a barcode or a 3D image.

In the article available in TechCrunch, there are detailed reports that helps one to understand exactly how the technology will be improved. Computers will model human brains. Thus, making computers faster than ever. Image recognition hardly exists in isolation, but for businesses with specific needs, there are custom solutions. In future, success will be determined by how much use of this technology a business use. Read more: Slyce – Visual Search, Image & Product Recognition