Utilizing Capital Strategies for Business Growth


Starting a successful business is one thing, finding a successful synergy between capital and business operations are a completely different thing altogether. In many cases, businesses that are upscaling have the best of intentions, and may even have some rudimentary objectives for future growth. But without an understanding how correctly utilized human capital plays factors into the business objectives for growth, capital allocations are often squandered.

Many large-scale businesses fail to make the leap to the next level because they don’t understand how to fully utilize the resources that they already have in place. In many cases, funding needed for expansion can be utilized in greater capacities than originally intended, but rarely are because of a lack of understanding complex corporate structure. Businesses usually react to changes in the market rather than institute changes proactively that will improve their business.

Understanding the complexities and nuances of long term corporate strategy is a must for long-term business growth. Specialized individuals are often sought out that understand the connections between the different factions of a business and have the experience to correctly use and allocate those assets for maximum business growth.

Individuals with specialized knowledge in capital strategies, such as Sam Tabar, an attorney and capital strategist, are frequently sought out by companies to help maximize their business processes. Tabar has an extensive pedigree in the field, first working as an attorney for the firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom in Los Angeles, and then continuing his career path into business development, acting as the Managing Director / Co-Head of Business Development for PMA Investment Advisors / SPARX Group. He has held positions with Bank of America Merrill Lynch as the Head of Capital Strategy for the Asian Pacific market. After his stint with Bank of America, he joined the firm of Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, acting as a Senior Associate, specifically servicing hedge funds, as well as their structure and formation.

On IMDB he implied that companies are always looking to increase their market share and profit. Without thorough understanding of the complex nature of the internal workings of a business, operations can end up stagnating. With the insight of capital specialists, businesses can be streamlined and optimized as necessary for maximum profitability.

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