Tricky Rick


Presidential hopeful and Republican Rick Santorum has a handy way of always putting his foot in his mouth. While Santorum is well versed in meeting with citizens and conducting informative meetings to get the feel of the American population, he hasn’t quite yet come to the idea of fact checking his information and allowing others to practice their perspectives. In a recent morning radio show, Santorum felt it was necessary to criticize the beloved Pope for his views on climate change.

Instead of allowing the Pope to have his own beliefs, Santorum’s thought that the Pope should leave science to the scientists and that the church has no place when it comes to environmental matters. What Santorum didn’t know was that the Pope has a Masters in Chemistry and is absolutely entitled to his opinion. Not only that, Santorum does not believe in climate change and no one is forcing him to talk about it. Why should he pressure the Pope into stifling his views? Santorum seems to be behind when it comes to the environmental debate.

97% of active environmentalists and resort managers believe that humankind has in fact changed the climate based on its practices in the last century or so. Many of those in his camp continue to support him but have encouraged him to allow others to voice their opinions. Instead, they want Rick to concern himself with running and winning the well populated Republican candidacy.

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