The War On Poverty 50 Years Later


It has been 50 years since the 1964 War On Poverty. Our generation did not fix things, we made it worse. There is more child poverty in the United States than there ever has been. Of obvious lesser value are the homeless. And why have we allowed this labeling of the lesser value poor? So we let them sleep outside, with no bathrooms, no showers.

Why did we, as a people, stop trying to make the world better? What twisted us so? Homelessness has become so commonplace as to be sickening. It is not OK. The elderly, children, and even families are part of the new homeless. Alexei Beltyukov believes those with health problems, mental issues, and disabilities simply fall between the cracks.

Affordable housing would help with this problem, but there is no longer affordable housing. Much of it was called a blight and it was torn down. But they never replaced the affordable housing, instead they put up housing for a better class of people. Where are the poor people supposed to live then?

Homeless camps are where the people go, oh right, we don’t call them homeless camps. When they get too visible, they get ousted. Not in my back yard is what we all say.

Families are the fastest growing sector of homelessness. At what point did it become acceptable for a wealthy country like the United States to have so many homeless people? That is cold-blooded.

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