The Success of Cassio Audi as a Musician and Finance Expert


Cassio Audi is a respected Brazilian finance professional who has been in his career for about three decades. The main clients that seek his services include public and private corporations, private equity funds, multi-billion organization, and start-ups. Audi is an expert in areas such as financial management, investor relations, IPO, fundraising, controllership and decision support and resource management. He has attained success as a financial advisor due to his dedication.

Apart from building a career in the finance world, Cassio is an excellent hard metal musician. He kicked-off his music career in the 1980s by playing drums for a group that was known as Viper. He was the principal drummer for the band until 1989. Audi wrote one song for Viper’s second album, which was known as Soldiers of Sunrise. His remarkable drumming skills made him be celebrated by heavy metal fans across Brazil. He is recognized for being among the first people who popularized the genre in Latin America. Viper recruited Cassio to be its drummer when he was still a teenager. He played drums in the band for nine years and then decided to focus on his finance career.

Audi is appreciated for the role that he played in the growth of Viper during its first few years. He was part of the group when it was recording its first demo and the first two albums. The last project that he did with Viper was the recording of the Soldiers of Sunrise album. The album was, however, released about one year after he had quit the band. Cassio’s career as a heavy-metal musician and drummer was inspired by a British group that was called Iron Maiden. The excellent music that Viper released made it very famous. Soldiers of Sunrise was among the most played albums in Brazil in the 1980s and 1990s.