The Performance of Madison Street Capital’s Hedge Fund Industry in 2015 and Expectations for 2016


The investment strategies used by Madison Street Capital seems to be bearing fruits. The firm is experiencing growth in terms of sales and number of clients that are handled. On February 09, 2016, the firm released its 4th edition report summarizing its hedge fund industry deals, and transaction activities as well as M&A opportunities. According to the report, 42 hedge fund deals were either announced or closed internationally in 2015 surpassing the 32 deals that were closed the previous year. According to AUM, the 2015 transaction volume exceeded that of 2014 by 27%. The financial transactions are likely to continue with their increasing momentum in 2016.

Stable Assets

The hedge fund strategies that were implemented in 2015 did not perform as it was expected. However, their mediocre performance did not affect the value of the assets. Instead, their value increased tremendously. Institutional investors are looking for greener pastures in the asset management sector. Their goal is to acquire satisfying returns from alternative investment sectors.

Views of Karl D’Cunha

Karl, the Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director, noted that the hedge fund industry experienced a tremendous increase in the volume of deals closed in 2015, and he expects an improvement in 2016. He ascertained that Madison Capital had streamlined its management structure to accommodate the different type of buyers and sellers. The firm is maintaining its traditional M&A while transactions being offered as revenue-share stakes, PE bolt-on, and seed or incubator deals. Karl noted that the hedge fund industry is highly fragmented, and it will continue to experience consolidation from investors who bridge distribution to deliver products.

Company’s Overview

Madison Street Capital tops the list of the world’s prominent investment bank offering its services to the middle market businesses, companies, and individuals. The Chicago, Illinois-based investment bank offers its service globally and has offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. The firm is managed by an experienced team of professionals who use their extensive experience in the financial sector to advice clients on the best investment opportunities. The firm offers its services to businesses that are held either privately or publicly.

Services offered

Madison Street Capital offer advisory services that revolve around finance management, mergers, and acquisition, dealing with bankruptcy and capital restructuring as well as reorganization. The firm identifies investment opportunities on behalf clients and provides valuation services for intangible assets. Its solvency opinions are rated the best in the investment banking industry. The firm focuses on establishing strong business relationships with communities across the United States. The firm participates in humanitarian activities by supporting philanthropic organizations such as United Way. United Way is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. The organization specializes in identifying issues affecting the community and resolves them accordingly. The original version of this article is available on

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