The Importance Of Finacial Expertise


Financially speaking, we live in a different time than we did just a few short years ago. Our very way of life has changed, our economy has been turned upside down, and what we once knew as the American dream is now a distant memory.

Our life expectancy has changed, and now because of a more conducive lifestyle, we have the chance to live longer than ever before. With that comes an unknown future. How will we pay for this elongated future? How do we make ends meet? Financial vehicles have changed drastically, and it is not uncommon to see years and years of hard work and savings disappear in a heartbeat.

Even so, we as mere financial laymen don’t understand all the nuances of professional and personal finance and how to prepare for our future monetarily. The future is difficult to see financially and even more difficult to ascertain without expert financial help.

Brian Bonar is an individual with an MBA and PhD from Stafford University in England, and the former CEO and treasurer of Trucept, Inc. He has extensive skill and knowledge in the financial field, and that skill has helped him lead a number of financial concerns for a number of high profile companies, including stints at IBM, STTN, Dalrada Financial Corporation and a number of smaller companies throughout Europe and the United States. His background and knowledge has been paramount in helping these companies carry on their vision.

Having this exact knowledge, and applying these years of know-how in the cases of these companies, he has been able to guide and direct these institutions to heightened financial gains and fiscal soundness. In today’s turbulent financial atmosphere, it is important to find individuals that have a complex knowledge of the different facets of finances in any personal and business sense. Without this knowledge, the financial course of an institution could find itself in serious jeopardy down the line.

Brian Bonar is quite the financial genius.

When navigating through financial concerns, whether on a personal or professional level, it is best to have a person with an enhanced skill set. Not employing a person of this nature can have serious effects in results further down the line. Finance professionals with a long history of training and study, combined with a resume of hands-on experience dealing with the complexities of intricate financial workings, can have a beneficial impact on fledgling businesses, as well as personal and individual financial dealings.

In the end, having a seasoned financial professional can mean a huge difference in the success of a finance-based undertaking, and the expertise of that professional can have a large impact on the bottom line of any monetary venture.

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