The Future Of The Supreme Court Vacancy


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Madison Street Capital and other investment firms are keeping a close eye on the impending Supreme Court nomination. The New York Times published an article that addressed the current stances the GOP and President Obama have been taking in regards to the appointee. The article questioned the republicans’ stance to turn down anyone that Obama appoints. The republicans are hoping that they can hold out for the next president because they are assuming it will be a republican. But even if their assumption is correct and a republican is elected, it will most likely be Donald Trump. The article then questioned how the senate republicans could rely on Trump to nominate someone acceptable. But what if their assumption is wrong? What if a democrat wins the oval? Hillary Clinton, the likely candidate, will never nominate anyone more moderate than President Obama would. And then the third scenario is the senate elections. The senate is now majority republican, this could change in the upcoming election. A liberal senate with either Trump or Clinton is wild card.

And all of these things are looking more and more likely to happen. the Iowa exchange shows that the odds in favor of the democrats gaining majority in the senate have shot up in the past weeks. The Iowa Electronic Markets also showed that the likelihood of Clinton getting the popular vote over Trump also went up. And in national polls she beats Trump by 3 percent.

The article also discussed how big of a move this would be for President Obama. This would be his third justice seat to fill during his terms. It would leave a huge legacy for him and his work. It would also ensure that all of his legislation would stay in place for a long time after leaving office.

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