The Enormous Success of Highland Capital


For the past 30 years, James Dondero has had a sure road to success. After graduating with honors from the University of Virginia’s School of Business, he held positions at Morgan Guaranty Trust and American Express. Both stints were incredibly successful. He enabled both of these companies to earn over one billion dollars. These experiences also gave him the knowledge he needed to found Highland Capital Management. In 1993, Dondero and partner Mark Okada opened its doors for the very first time. Dondero remains its president. Under his leadership the company has attained $20 billion of managed assets.

The company has prospered so greatly because through the years it has diversified its interests into so many different areas. It has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas but maintains offices in New York, Sao Paolo, Singapore, and Seoul. He has so proven himself capable as a leader in this area that Morningstar has awarded him its coveted 5-star Global Allocation award. That is just one of the accolades and awards he has received for his banking and investment work. He has received many others. And he remains zealously passionate about all aspects of the banking and investment world. In addition to serving as the president of Highland, he is also working for several other firms and boards.

In his lofty Highland position, Dondero does way more than simply kick back and let others do the work. He is extremely proactive. In fact, he is one of the firm’s hardest workers. As of this past February, he is one of Highland’s three Senior Portfolio Manager. He and his two fellow Senior Portfolio Manager’s will be in charge of all investment decisions. Dondero is excited about what their team can achieve together. Right now they are heading the company’s Energy MLP Fund which is designed to provide investors with income via investments in Master Limited Partnerships.
Highland has been very generous with his huge financial success. In February of 2014, the company donated $2 million dollars to the SMU Tower Scholars Program. And that was just the beginning. Highland will continue funding the organization which gives financial aid to exceptional undergraduate students.

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