The Court of Social Opinion: On Same-Sex Marriage


Again, the United States Supreme Court strikes down a state’s ban on same-sex marriage. Marriage has been defined in a broader context in recent days, and the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of same sex couples in multiple instances. This time, the Court ruled against South Carolina’s ban on same-sex marriage. Within the last few years, there have been multiple states that have supported same-sex marriage, and multiple federal judges have blasted bans on gay marriage. Simply, there is little the traditional marriage crowd can do to stop the steamrolling swath of approval towards homosexual marriages. Marriage is a private subject, therefore, it does not need to be on society’s agenda.

Both crowds need to stay off of the airwaves and TV spots. They try to prove that one side is evil, or that the other side is godless. In reality, each side is neither evil, nor godless. Both side’s opinions are valid, yet frustratingly each side tries cramming their ideology down society’s throat according to Andrew Heiberger.

Instead, society can live with both the conservative marriage viewpoint that believes marriage is between a man and a woman, and the progressive marriage viewpoint, which believes that love is love; it doesn’t matter what gender one is.

Loving others is most important. It is better that one loves another man or women, than not to love at all. People must love one another.

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