The Contribution Of BMG Bank And Marcio Alaor To The Financial Sector


Since 1930, BMG bank has been a leading financial organization in Brazil. This bank was founded, and is still part of the Guimaraes family. The institution started out as commercial bank, which focused on product and consumer financing for people and commercial entities. However, BMG changed its role to that of offering payroll loans .Consequently making the bank a yardstick for that type of service.

In 2012, the bank diversified its operations by coming together with Itau Unibanco S.A. in a Joint Venture contract to form Banco Itau BMG Consignado S.A. Consequently, this unification was a definite merit to BMG as it allowed the bank to shift focus to other operations, and services of the bank .The numerous services included BMG Express services, Payroll credit Card and financing of second hand vehicles. The shareholding of the total and voting capital stock for the venture is 40% for BMG bank and 60% for Banco Itau BMG Consignado S.A.

Testament to the fact that a person can achieve whatever he focuses on, Marcio Alaor, who is the bank’s vice president, was previously a shoe shiner .Nevertheless, he is currently the Vice-president of BMG bank, and has aided in building a trustworthy relationship, and boosting the credit cases with the clients through his expertise. In addition to his leadership and professional expertise, the bank has been able to incorporate state of the art technology among is operations. Subsequently, it has led to more efficient and fast services for the clients.

Macio Alaor is responsible for the strategic plan to expand the funding and investment of the bank commensurate to aiding clients achieves their objectives. He is also a member of the Board of Directors therefore; he and other members understand the need to come up with a plan for the success of the business. Moreover, Mr. Marcio has been applauded by various people including local authorities and politicians during the inception of a square, which was named after him. This was in honor for his service delivery in developing his hometown.

Among BMG’s strongest attributes is the development of loan cases in an appropriate manner, which guarantees customers of superb profit levels. In addition, the company utilizes a framework for identifying talent, which has led to a highly skilled and competent work force. The employees through synergy groups are able to come up with solutions to complications at the bank. Further, the bank has been able to achieve and cover great strides in its operations due to its highly qualified personnel.