The City Index Produces Startling Results

In December, Endeavor , organization supporting entrepreneurs, released the index of the most entrepreneurial cities in Brazil. Marcio Alaor executive of BMG, said the index studied 32g’

First in the overall ranking is the city of São Paulo, this city that has the largest market in the country and home to the headquarters of most of the big companies. Marcio Alaor mentions that, according to the results of the Index, “the São Paulo concentrates more than 60% of all venture capital investments in the country” and that “his greatest challenge is in Human Capital, where it occupies the 20th position 32 cities. ”

Then to Sao Paulo, the general ranking presented by Endeavor highlights, in order, the cities:

2nd place – Florianopolis with the highest rate of study, highlighting the number of teachers and doctors and leading the Innovation pillar;

3rd place – Victory, with a great balance between the pillars and second position in the pillar Human Capital;

4th place – Recife, with advantages in human capital by having the largest proportion of subscribers in the Technical Education and Regulatory Environment for providing low tax rates and facilitated bureaucratic processes for companies;

5th place – Campinas with the 4th best infrastructure for having the Viracopos airport is the country’s largest load center and has a huge potential to be the largest in Latin America .
The executive of Banco BMG shows that the Endeavor company has, as published in the launch of the Index, interest in helping cities studied to advance the indicators and become more conducive environment for the establishment and growth of companies and hence the domestic market. The research report, explains Marcio Alaor BMG, is divided into four parts, namely: Overall Ranking of the best cities to undertake in Brazil, Ranking by rated pillar Ranking by region of Brazil and detailing of cities and best local practices and International.

About Marcio Alaor
Marcio Alaor is the vice president and director of BMG Bank. He is responsible for leading one of the largest banks in Brazil and Latin America. His banks offer services to both businesses and individuals.

To date BMG has been a top leader and success in Brazillian banks for over 80 years. Marcio ALaor’s proven success record predicts that many more years of success await the ever growing financial institute.

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