The Benefits Of Investing In Gold Over The Long-Term


Gold has often stood as a key ingredient in the economic life of many people and cultures for thousands of years. The price of gold is one of the most watched and talked about topics in the financial world. However, gold like other commodity does not have a traditional valuation; for this reason, its price is determined by market forces of supply and demand. Gold has many qualities including monetary value, safe haven for investment and aesthetic durability. Some of the compelling reasons, why many people and investors are putting their money on gold include:
• Used as a means to protect investment from currency devaluation
• Gold acts as a financial cushion during banking and economic crisis
• Gold does not have a counter-party risk compared to paper money

In addition, many financial experts advise that investors keep between 5 to 15% of their portfolio on gold, since it is the best alternative for people who do not like to invest in other forms of money such as investment securities and cash. The experts also believe that gold is still the best cushion against deteriorating stocks and bonds as well as high inflation. When you compare the price of oil and that of gold at the second half of 2014 to the start of 2015; the price of gold has actually strengthened. Indeed, the price of an ounce of gold increased from $300 in 2002 to a high of $1900 in 2011. Statistics also indicate that the price of gold has risen by 315 percent in the past one and a half decade.

US Money Reserve
The Austin, Texas based US Money Reserve, is a leading and trusted distributor of US government gold and silver coins. The company, which is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance was founded in 2002 by seasoned players in the gold industry. These veterans wanted an entity that would offer expert knowledge, trusted guide and top customer service to a growing list of gold clients. The financial services company employees over 100 well-trained and experienced professionals. These professionals are distributed in various designations including; business support department, inventory department, numismatic experts, customer relations department, coins research experts and vault and shipping department. US Money Reserve is at the top of the gold trade because it continues to be consistent in supplying Gold, Silver and Platinum coins as well as gold and silver bullion issued by the US government.