The Accomplishments Of Kevin Seawright


Kevin Seawright the Chief Financial Officer and also Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation has a very busy schedule since graduating from college, he has held jobs in private and public companies. He now works for the city of Newark and, does so with pride, while working closely with the Mayor Ras Baraka. Seawright’s main interest is the growth of Newark and, improving the lives of the people who call the city home. So far he has done a phenomenal job.

He told World Class magazine that it was his parents who instilled helping others in him when he was twelve years old, while living in Philadelphia. He called his parents his role model. Seawright stresses the value of a good education, because this is something that no one can take away from you. He associate himself with groups that will help build the Newark community. Success to him centers around family. His extended family also plays a role in his success. His pride and joy is his daughter.

Helping other is also another form of success. He felt pleased when he was able to give a business person a loan, after the banks denied her. This is one of the services that the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation does. They will hand out loans to businesses, that may not be able to secure a loan through a bank. He is all about making the economy better, this way the lives of the people in Newark can improve.

Before he came to Newark he held various jobs. One of them was Chief Financial and Facilities Officer for Maryland’s largest Departments of Parks and Recreation. He prides himself in knowing that he reduced the budget by $600,000 in one year. Seawright received an award for this accomplishment, he was then propelled to be the Fiscal Operator of the year. From there he moved on to education. He made sure that Maryland’s school was conducive to learning and built properly. With a $600 million he that there were new buildings, and also did improvements on the existing building.

Tito Contractors, Inc in Washington, D.C was also a part of his journey. At Tito’s he handled the budget, guaranteed efficiency and improved the quality of the work. Then at Collington Life Care Community where he served as director, he improved the lives of it’s five hundred residents. Seawright was also involved in a $5 million for operations and construction. His enjoys basketball but, states that he loves football too, insisting he rarely watches much sports because of his busy schedule, but he does tweet when he can. He still wishes that the Redskins, his favorite team would make it to the playoffs.