The Able Leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides has made InnovativeCare Health what it is today


The field of Healthcare is very large and spans across the whole world. One of the best and largest Healthcare Management Organizations in the world is InnovaCare Health. The excellent leadership skills of Rick Shinto have made InnovaCare Health what it is today. Moreover, its cost efficient models and innovative services have made it among the leading Healthcare Management Organizations globally. In the world today, the market of healthcare is very complex and more importantly, it deals with a wide range of divisions and sectors. InnovaCare Health leads in the provision of Medicaid Advantage Plans, Medicare, and Physician Practice Services. The company is very contemporary not forgetting that it is fully integrated with some of the most advanced technologies of today.

For a company to be successful, having top notch leadership is vital. The leadership of InnovaCare Health has tremendously contributed to its success. The President and CEO of the company is Dr. Rick Shinto. His 20-year experience in the field of operational and clinical managed healthcare has helped make the company one of the best. Through his career in the healthcare industry, he has won some prestigious titles. Before joining InnovaCare Health, he was the CEO and President of Aveta Inc, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Medical Officer of Medical Management Pathways Systems, and the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. Dr. Shinto is highly qualified for all healthcare related top positions. He is M.D. accredited and holds an MBA allowing him to have a top notch professional resume. Other notable facts about Dr. Rick include: he received a BS at Irvine from The University of California; he began his medical tenure as an internist and pulmonologist. He also received an MBA from Redlands University.

Another notable aspect of InnovaCare Health is its hardworking team of leadership. Penelope Kokkinides has vast experience in government healthcare programs including Medicaid and Medicare. She is a professional in what she does and has extensive clinical programs education and operations management of healthcare processes. She joined the company in 2015. Before joining InnovaCare Health, Kokkinides held numerous high-level positions including Touchstone Health’s Chief Operating Officer and Centerlight Healthcare’s Executive Vice president. Moreover, she worked at AmeriChoice as Corporate Vice President and held a Disease Management position. Penelope Kokkinides is also accredited with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences from Binghamton University and Public Health Master’s Degree from the University of Columbia.

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