The 411 on Solo Capital and its Leader Sanjau Shah


In September 2011, the beginnings of Solo Capital came about to add another big name to the global financial sector. The company, headquartered in London, England, specializes in financial consulting, proprietary trading, and major sports investments. The company is well on its way to financial success, as it has an asset value of £67.45 million, along with a cash flow of £30.26 million. Its current net worth is at a very stable £15.45 million as of March 2015. (WordPress)

The company’s great beginnings were thanks in part to founder and current CEO Sanjay Shah, whose vast successes in the financial industry have spurred the firms’ quick success. His banking history goes back 14 years, where he has worked most notably at Morgan Stanley as both a consultant and manager, as well as group CEO for State Street Bank and Trust. (ZoomInfo) He also held a Senior Advisory role at KPMG LLP, an audit tax and advisory firm.

Shah holds a unique background, as he originally studied medicine before deciding on going into accounting. He held other accounting positions at places like Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse, but his experience at Morgan Stanley helped him create an opportunity to start his own brokerage firm after the financial crisis in 2009. Like his career path, he is known to take less fortunate situations and turn them into positive investments, very evident at the high profile boutique financial services company that Solo Capital is today.

Shah has also used his success to investment as a huge donor and founder of Autism Rocks, an organization designed for raising awareness of autism and fundraising money for university research on the well-known disease. The Solo Capital CEO has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to research organizations particularly to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. Part of his desire to contribute to the cause is due in part to a personal nature, as his son became diagnosed with the disease back in 2011.

It is Shah’s hardwork and dedication towards an organization that allows it to shine bright in any situation. Solo Capital has seen itself rise to a level of global recognition with Shah in the driver’s seat from day one, and will likely continue to rise higher so long as he is calling the shots.