Thanks to Obamacare, Health Insurance Rates Stable Through 2015


In attack ads across the country, the GOP is claiming that their opponents’ support for Obamacare is a reason to vote Republican. They cite the number of people who are losing their insurance and the high cost of premiums as evidence that those who support the Health Care Reform Act simply have no idea what is best for America, but a recent study performed by the McKinsey Center for U.S. Health indicates otherwise.

The study, conducted by the politically unbiased McKinsey Center, expects 65% of insurance policies to show an increase in the price of premiums, but the average increase will be only about 4%. Prior to Obamacare, annual rate increases were consistently in the double-digit range. 35% of the country’s health insurance premiums will either hold steady or decline in cost next year, according to the study.

This is undoubtedly good news for everyone, but the media machine of the GOP will try its best to bury the report in a flurry of accusations and political attack ads. Ever since the Affordable Health Care Act became the law of the land, Brad Reifler has witnessed Republicans in Congress spending the majority of their time trying to find ways to defund the law, which was designed to provide affordable health care for all Americans.

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