Tennessee Votes Away Key Rights


An ominous red wave surged across the US on election day. The wave sent chills across the Democratic establishment. Shocking much of the country, Tennesseans voted yes Tuesday on two constitutional amendments designed to take away rights for women and voters respectively.

One constitutional amendment passed by Tennessee voters strips away a woman’s right to control her body and choose an abortion. The amendment is so far reaching it could be used to ban abortion even in cases of incest or rape. It also sets a dangerous precedent for state control over the lives of individuals.

A second constitutional amendment passed by Tennesseans Tuesday repealed their own right to elect judges at the state level, and remains absolutely perplexing to Brad Reifler.  Why you would vote to take away your own rights, we’ll never understand. The amendment takes power away from voters and gives it to the state’s governor. The state’s Supreme Court as well as appeals courts will now be staffed with judges handpicked by the governor. The selections will then go before the state legislature for approval.

Both sides of the debate over Amendment 1, the proposal giving the state power to ban abortions, fought a long campaign in the lead up to Tuesday’s election. Advocates for the amendment came under fire for questionable practices including spreading misinformation.

Amendment 1 does not automatically ban abortions in the state, but it does clear the way for the state’s government to go ahead with outlawing the medical practice.

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