Taking Investment Banking to a Whole New Level


Some business ventures are riskier than others. Investment banking is one of those types of business ventures. It can be exceptionally risky, especially when the fact is considered that things involving finances have a tendency to change at the drop of a hat. Because it is virtually impossible to predict how things will go from one moment to the next, it often means that many people who try their hand at investment banking are simply not very successful. However, there are a select few individuals that are very successful, indeed. These people realize that while investment banking can be risky, the rewards can be well worth the risk and then some. For the individuals that are able to make a successful venture out of it, this is an activity that can provide numerous benefits that could scarcely be found in any other industry.

One of the most successful investment bankers it is Kenneth Griffin. A graduate of the prestigious Harvard University, Griffin is both the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Citadel LLC. This Chicago based company provides hedge funds for some of the most lucrative business ventures in the world. In fact, the company is recognized as one of the most successful companies in existence when it comes to investment banking. Mr. Griffin seems to have a knack for knowing which types of business ventures will be successful, thereby allowing him to figure out what to fund and what to leave alone. As a result, both he and his company have developed a great deal of wealth through years of successful investments.

What makes Griffin and other investment bankers like him so successful? The answer probably lies in the fact that these individuals possess a deep interest in learning what makes investments work. It is never about only one thing, but instead it is about a number of different factors that exist on a day to day basis that can change the face of investing at a moment’s notice. These individuals realize that fact, but it doesn’t stop there. They actually thrive on it. It is much like a skydiver who gets a rush from jumping out of an airplane. These individuals also get a rush, they just go about it in a different way. Furthermore, they are able to make a great deal of money in the process, allowing them to do virtually anything that they choose.

People like Griffin are often involved in a number of different things like philanthropy. Griffin himself is a philanthropist and also has an extensive art collection. That is part of the reason that investment bankers enjoy doing what they do. It gives them the capability to live their lives according to their own standards as opposed to having those standards dictated to them by financial limitations. While it is difficult to find success in this field, those who are the most successful are often able to experience life with a level of freedom that few other people will ever know.

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