Susan McGalla Motivates Ladies Across The Globe To Increase Their Talent


I have always tried to follow advice from those who support women in their carriers in today’s modern society. Gone are the days when a man could bring home way more money than a woman. Today’s woman is confident, hardworking and deserves to make just as much money as a man. I love that Susan P. McGalla is just that kind of advisor. She is the founder of the amazing group called P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. She helps her clients with marketing, talent management and much more. Her audiences listen to every word she says about how to get ahead in today’s tough job market. She motivates all of those who listen to her.

I got to attend one of her seminars she gave at the Carnegie Mellon University. I was captivated by her charm and charisma and her ability to motivate me just by her active nature. My favorite part of the day was when she told her personal story. McGalla was taught that life wasn’t fair and that she had to roll with the punches. Being raised in a family that was all about boys, her father was just as hard on her as he was them. He didn’t cut her any slack; in fact she thinks he was harder on her. He desired to make something out of her. She was taught the value or working hard and having confidence in her work. She was instructed that just because she was a girl didn’t mean she couldn’t accomplish as much as her brothers. I loved hearing her talk about her family. She shared so many warm moments with the audience that helped us connect with her.

She talked about working for bosses that were both men and women. She explained that they were no different to her, and she had confidence in herself and her success, not who was over her. She went to college at Mount Union University and was given a BA. Her first job was in 1994 at the American Eagle Company. She landed on the board of directors and was the only woman on the team. The fact that she was the only woman didn’t bother her one bit. I was aghast at even during times when women were seen as the lesser of the two, she didn’t let it get her down. She held several positions with AE and eventually became the president of merchandising. With revenues of $3 billion dollars a year, she had her work cut out for her. She talked about these days with great pride. I am sure she was stressed out at times; in fact she said she was. But she never complained she just did her job.

I loved every minute of her encourage lecture and long to hear her again. Her goal is to help a woman launch their careers and excel in 2015. With Susan McGalla encouraging, helping and mentoring ladies around the globe, they have a fighting chance to be something great, just like her.

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