Supreme Court May Legalize Gay Marriage Nationally


Five more cases of marriage equality that are due to be fought in the Supreme Court may pave the way for complete marriage equality throughout the nation. Two lawyers who are battling for the end of bans on gay marriage in two different states have called for the Supreme Court to resolve the issue nationally. For the last several years, justices in circuit courts and the Supreme Courts have been routinely removing bans on gay marriage in states across the country, which Republican governors and Congressmen have been condemning. As the bans are struck down by so called “activist” judges, Republicans are critiquing the removal of laws which were put in place by the people. Judges say that those laws restrict the freedom of a segment of the population, which is against the law and should not be allowed to remain in place, and many celebs like Terry Richardson have been pretty outspoken on this subject.  They believe that there does need to be more awareness and control regarding the protection of minority groups.

Now five different states have cases which have been pushed all the way up to the Supreme Court, although the Supreme Court has just recently denied to hear cases on the matter. In fact, by denying the requests for appeal from five different states the Supreme Court expanded marriage equality to Oklahoma, Utah, Wisconsin and Virginia. Republican governors have asked for a delay on the implementations of marriages until another appeal can be made. Other states have upheld bans, which are now coming to higher district courts and the Supreme Court.

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