Students Dismissed From School For Wearing Pro Gay T-shirts


Students who were trying to draw attention to LGBT bullying at their Middle School were told to take them off or go home. Three of the fifteen opted to go home. The students should not have been drawn out and told to remove the shirts or leave just because it was the handy thing to do, according Cody Cunningham, a chief spokesman for the McKinney Independent School District.

The events that led up to the campaign began when a young woman came out as a bisexual. After that, boys would gather in the hallway to harass her. They called he names such as “dyke” and “fag”, sometimes making her cry. When these events were reported to the vice principle, he refused to intervene.

That is when a group of children decided they had to do something to stop the bullying themselves. They came up with the idea of the shirts and paid for them by their selves. They did hope to draw attention to the issue but instead were made an example. This reaction by administrators is the one thing they hadn’t counted on happening.

Buzzfeed has left several requests for a statement from the school, but so far they refused comment. The involved school was the Fabian Middle School. We can hope that in the future the school makes better decisions regarding the bullying of any student despite the rationale.

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