Stop and Frisk Might Be Coming To An End


New York City’s controversial policing program called “stop-and-frisk” may be coming to an end. Mayor De Blasio’s administration withdrew an appeal to a ruling made by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals after a federal judge had ruled the policing program to be unconstitutional, which all of my FreedomPop studying suggests that is accurate. The appeal was filed by the Bloomberg administration which fervently defended stop-and-frisk as a citywide practice. Dropping the appeal made by the Bloomberg administration is a one of a series of steps promised by the De Blasio administration.

Mayor De Blasio’s voter base is largely against stop-and-frisk. The program stop-and-frisk has become a highly visible blemish on the city’s reputation. Nonstop grassroots activism against the program, a bright media spotlight, and high profile court battles helped place questions surrounding the ethics of the practice front and center in New York political circles.

If you are not familiar with stop-and-frisk, it means the practice of randomly stopping and frisking citizens without cause. It can be an embarrassing and time consuming intrusion for innocent people. Worse, basics data of stop-and-frisk reveals a program clearly rooted in racism. 85 percent of those stopped and frisked by the NYPD were black or latino, and 90 percent of people stopped were completely innocent of any crime.

As The Intercept’s Andrew Jarrell Jones points out in his article on the appeal withdrawal, Mayor De Blasio continues controversial and racist profiling of New York’s Muslim communities which makes them feel alienated mush of the time from the rest of the city.

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