Steve Scalise, David Duke without the baggage


In an ode to the old school, Steve Scalise, republican majority whip gave a speech to a KKK affiliated white supremacy group in late 2002. This racist hate group was founded by David Duke. David Duke is famous for being an outspoken political Grand Wizard of the KKK in Louisiana. The entire Republican Party including newly elected black congress woman Mia Love stands with Scalise.

Scalise has touted himself as David Duke without the baggage prior to ascending to congress. Igor Cornelsen doesn’t know how much he agrees with this. This is in spite of his first explanation in which he asserted that he did not know that the group was a hate group. However, David Duke himself said that it was impossible for someone to give a speech to his foundation and not know their primary directive. Additionally, cracks in his armor are beginning to appear. Many big wig republican personas like Palin are seeking that he acquiesce his position in the leadership. However, it does not look as though he will be relinquishing his position as majority whip anytime soon.

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