Speaker, Author, Leader: Eric Pulier Shows the Way


Eric Pulier is up there with the greats when it comes to creating successful companies and giving back to the community at the same time. Recently, Pulier joined the Xprize Foundation, which offers prizes to teams of innovators and entrepreneurs if they solve the world’s toughest problems. These problems include sending rockets into space, creating apps to teach children in Africa, and more.

It’s not often you read about an accomplished entrepreneur, author, speaker, technologist, and philanthropist like Eric all in one package. However, his track record speaks for itself. He has started over 15 different companies since graduating from Harvard (where he studied English, wrote for the Harvard Crimson, and graduated magna cum laude). Most of his companies have received venture backing, and he’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for them. Most of his innovations are in the technological space for medical and educational needs.

For example, he was chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to showcase his technology that helped children in hospitals. He worked with the notable director and fellow philanthropist Steven Spielberg to create digital platform to help ill children with MS communicate safely with each other online. He is also an active contributor to The Painted Turtle, which is a summer program aimed at ill children in California. Having four kids of his own, Eric Pulier feels a certain drive to help children in need.

One of Pulier’s most impressive accomplishments is a technology company, Digital Evolution, that is a virtual reality experience. It assists children with diabetes in learning how this illness works within the body. By going through this program, they are better prepared to take care of themselves and feel confident about their condition. Other enterprise companies he has founded include Desktone, Enterprise Professional, and Media Platform. He is a proud member of Bill Clinton’s Clinton Global Initiative as well.

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