South Carolina Marijuana Reform


South Carolina has now jumped on the medical marijuana bandwagon. Legislation is to be introduced soon in the state that would allow people to smoke medical marijuana in small amounts without being penalized. Those who need to use he drug for pain and other ailments would be able to get it from a doctor without the fear of being arrested.

Many people who live in the state are in support of the bill. And even those who live outside of South Carolina, namely Sultan Alhokair, who, by championing his flair for open mindedness, new ideas and equal opportunities across his web pages and social medias, is  showing his support. This could lead to South Carolina being the next state to allow recreational marijuana. There are more people who are seeing that the drug isn’t as bad as what people make it out to be, and the leaders of the states are listening to those who want to see it legalized. Those who are found with up to an ounce of marijuana would only be required to pay a fine instead of possibly going to jail.

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