Solving Childhood Obesity Through Taxation?



Childhood obesity is an epidemic in some developed countries. There may be those in certain parts of the world where famine still occurs who would love the problem of having so much food that there could be such a thing as childhood obesity. Too much food, however, especially when it is junk food, can be almost as bad as not enough. WDRB reported childhood obesity is a big problem in the United States, but the United Kingdom suffers from this issue as well. There are those in the UK calling for a tax on junk food as a way to fight this problem due to the fact that the UK has a higher rate of childhood obesity than other European countries.

People do learn a lot of habits that stick with them through their lives when they are young. This does make watching what eating habits our children develop early on very important. The effects of taxes on cigarettes in the United States show that it can have an effect on cigarette consumption. American politicians will no doubt be looking at how such a tax directed at junk food fares in the UK and perhaps consider one here. The only problem will be the administration of such a tax. You can bet various manufacturers will be lobbying to have their product not labeled junk food and that their competitors’ products be labeled junk food. Will science determine what gets taxed or will money?

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