Sheldon Lavin Fulfills his Vision of a World-Class Food Processing Venture with OSI Group


Sheldon Lavin, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, confirmed that he had a vision of creating a world-class food processing venture while he started working OSI Group. With products ranging from protein products, vegetable items, baked goods, and sauces, OSI Group has captured the food processing industry under the leadership of Lavin. It should be noted that the firm currently has operations in 17 countries, and it runs more than 80 facilities. The family culture nurtured by Lavin at OSI helped the company to register significant growth across the markets. According to him, the firm operates like a family, and the company is very proud of its people and recognizes their importance.

Sheldon Lavin is open to new ideas as he believes that innovation and creativity are part of his DNA. He keeps his office door always open and listens to people’s thoughts. People address each other by their first name and eat together inside the office; they consider themselves as part of a big family. Lavin also keeps an extended vision of expanding firm’s business further and ensuring a profitable growth by serving world-class customers. He also wanted to see the company’s domination in the food processing industry continued. Lavin thinks that every day is a fresh and new day with something to prove it.

Lavin has more than four decades of experience in the food processing industry, and it started in 1970, when Lavin worked with Otto & Sons, the predecessor firm OSI, to arrange a finance. In the later years, he collaborated with the company further, and in the late 70s, he was asked to lead Otto & Sons. Since the 1980s, Lavin started expanding the business of the firm beyond North America, and it made a significant presence in Europe, Asia, South America, and more. His contributions to the company, helped Lavin to receive many industry accolades and recognitions in the later years. He received Global Visionary Award – 2016 instituted by Vision World Academy, India.