Sanjay Shah is a brilliant businessman


Sanjay Shah is one of the biggest names in the financial sector. He recently founded Solo Capital and the company is having a tremendous impact on the financial industry. While the company is extremely influential, many people still do not understand what the company does.

Solo Capital is a global boutique institution, they are headquartered out of London. The organization was incorporated in 2011. Because the organization is located in London they are regulated by the United Kingdom. Shah has made a tremendous impact at Solo Capital, and he is proud of the progress that he has made.

Solo Capital was started after he left his accounting job at a bank in the Northern part of London. Shah had worked as an accountant within the finance industry for several years, but he did not enjoy working in this role. The commute was not enjoyable, and he felt that the hours were extremely long. Finally, Shah often felt that his efforts were wasted within the industry.

Shah quit the financial industry just as the financial crisis of 2008 began. Just after the crisis Sanjay would rent a tiny room on the outskirts of London. This tiny room would become the founding office of Solo Capital. His brokerage company grew slowly at first, but today it employs thousands of people. Solo Capital became so successful that now Shah runs several other companies. Solo Capital is in a great position to expand for years to come.

Sanjay Shah is an extremely successful businessperson, but he also works with several charities throughout the world. He is most proud of his work with Autism Rocks! Autism Rocks is an organization that is committed to spreading autism awareness throughout the world. They hope that by airing numerous commercials and holding several events every year they can encourage people around the world to look for a cure to autism. Shah has rallied celebrities from around the world to rally to his cause. Many musicians are proud of their work with Autism Rocks!

Sanjay Shah is a success story that people everywhere can follow. His willingness to go out on his own paid off in a huge way for himself and the world.


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