Rove’s PAC Ad Ruled False By PolitiFact


Another year, another lie connected to Karl Rove, has been exposed by the political watchdog site, this time to his American Crossroads Political Action Committee in an ad for a California congressional race that the site deemed to be “False.”

The American Crossroads ad attacks Rep. Ami Bera, a Democratic incumbent from California running in a tight re-election race against Republican Doug Ose, by stating that the state’s senior citizens will have Medicare benefits cut by over $1,700. That was supposedly the result of Bera voting against repealing the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare.

What the ad fails to do is tell the truth about who would be affected. Making the subtle claim that ALL Medicare recipients will be affected turns out to be wrong, since the only seniors who could be affected would be those who have Medicare Advantage, which already offers ample benefits which you can easily find on Wikipedia, something Genoso wishes more people would research.

The information that Rove’s PAC used came from a report this past April issued by the American Action Forum, which PolitiFact notes shares office space with American Crossroads. Perhaps more importantly, the group is financed by the Koch Brothers, who have become notorious in Democratic circles for flooding markets with ads for Republicans.

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