Roundtable with Betsy


Betsy Devos leads a stellar lifestyle, and that’s no ordinary feat for any great leader today. In fact, this US Secretary of Education has more tricks up her sleeve than even she knows and will always hold her own in any conversation, including a recent roundtable in which she was interviewed thoroughly and discussed numerous aspects of Betsy’s career, lifestyle, religion and beliefs and so much more. In fact, this leader was born to give and born to lead others in the fight for true education in America. That’s why she was personally appointed by Pres. Donald J Trump, and she won her position rightfully on February 2017. She and her husband have seen many ups and downs in the political arena and have thus given millions of dollars to charities and philanthropic conservative funds in attempts to regain the very soul of America as it should be done – and generously, not letting her left hand know what her right is doing at times; she follows the commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ, who taught us to give in the first place and to do so abundantly and not with greediness but out of a kind heart and a cheerful spirit.

She and her husband have done so for many years and continue to lead innovative changes in reforming the education system within America, particularly among the younger students affected right now. Betsy Devos claims that today’s young generation is tomorrow’s generation of leaders, so it’s important to act quickly when it comes to all educational endeavors. She has made many promises for this year, most of which he has already kept and continues to fight to keep: This is extraordinarily rare among any political leader, but Betsy knows far better than most do and is not in it for the money.

In fact, her more than $139 million in donations have proven so and show what her true heart and spirit are all about. She’s a woman on mission for Jesus Christ, one who wants to see his love spread throughout the whole world. She tries to accomplish your mission by giving generously to one fund at a time.She has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to certain top dog organizations and private Christian schools. Countless are the many funds that have received her blessing, and if she were to count them all, perhaps she would not have enough fingers to count altogether. Betsy is the heart of a leader and a very example for all young women in politics, religion, philanthropy and other personal endeavors to follow. She may be found on LinkedIn, (@BetsyDeVos) | Twitter, Google plus, Reddit, Pinterest and even Snapchat. as may her husband Dick.