Republicans Use Ebola For Political Scare Tactics


In the ongoing Ebola outbreak, Republicans are being accused of using fear mongering techniques in order to gain some political gains for the upcoming elections. It seems that the majority of politicians from the GOP ignore some very important facts when discussing the deadly virus that has been brought to the United States of America from western Africa. For example, it seems that hardly any Republican mentions the 43 people in Texas who have been quarantined for 21 days and then released. In fact, several of those people shared an apartment with Thomas Duncan, the Ebola infected man who came to Dallas from Liberia and died in early October.

The Republicans have also failed to make a big deal about the successful recovery of two infected individuals who beat Ebola. Dallas based nurse Nina Pham was shown hugging the U.S. president on national media. Nebraska based cameraman Ashoka Mukpo was also released recently. Yet, members of the GOP don’t want to discuss any success in battling Ebola on domestic soil. Republicans in New Hampshire are trying to make valid points that their citizens are at risk because sick people are coming through American borders. In reality, according to Brad Reifler, such politicians can’t given a single concrete example of an Ebola infected person illegally entering the United States through the porous southern border with Mexico or the vast northern border with Canada.

Senators in Louisiana have gone as far as accusing president Obama of posing an immediate danger to the state’s families as a result of the weak response to the current Ebola situation. It seems like Ebola is another powerful tool that might influence elections.

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