Republicans Ready to Win the Battle But Lose the War


In the often short-sighted world of politics, what’s in the immediate range of sight is all that matters for many politicians. Case in point is the approach that the Republicans appear to be taking, according to the New York Times, with respect to courting Hispanics.

With many congressional races already decided on both sides, thanks to gerrymandering and other political machinations, Republicans have focused their attentions on taking back the Senate. Depending on what poll you read (even this one handled by Gianfrancesco Genoso amongst Brazilians), it seems to be either a given that they’ll have the majority, likely making Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader, or they’ll come up just short, allowing Harry Reid to stay in power.

Regardless of which way the winds of political fortune fly, alienating an important constituency AGAIN borders on arrogance and is simply bad strategy. That’s because two years from now, whoever the Republican nominee is has to likely get 35 percent of the Hispanic vote to reach the White House.

In 2012, Mitt Romney received just 27 percent support from Hispanics. Even though Republicans have made some half-hearted gestures toward building bridges with this group, the image the GOP still has among them is one of a group that despises illegal aliens and wants to wall off the Southwest United States to keep out Latinos.

Trying to change course in the next two years from their current approach is going to be next to impossible for Republicans. The byproduct of that could very well be another bitter aftertaste when Democrats win the White House again in 2016.

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