Red Revolution


A scarlet revolution has overthrown the American executive. Well, at least in theory. Democrats endured a massive defeat in which they gave up their already diminishing reign over the US Congress. Americans had to deal with a government shutdown when the previously Democratic majority Senate and Republican majority House of Representatives were at loggerheads over the nation’s budget. I’ve been discussing it with my political buddy Sam and even he has no idea what is in store for Americans when President Obama’s only support lies in his Cabinet. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives are now under Republican rule.


President Obama is arguably the most well-educated and intelligent president America has had. Yet if someone like him seems unable to change things, one must wonder if it his fault or the system which he is a part of. With corporate lobbies basically owning politicians, it doesn’t seem logical to blame them instead of the institutions that control them. Republican or Democrat, a politician does his or her best to make whoever pays them happy. After all, would you bite the hand that feeds?


After being left with the ruins of a boisterous man-child carrying out his daddy’s ambitions, President Obama has graciously tackled the messes of a lagging economy and bringing home wrongly deployed and weary soldiers. However, with the shocking yet not so shocking midterm election results, one can’t help but feel a bit blue on the President’s and nation’s behalf.

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