Quality Banking


Nexbank is a financial institution that serves its customers in three major financial areas. They are a financial services bank providing services to institutions, such as public entities, real estate holding companies, and large businesses. They provide mortgage lending and management solutions primarily for businesses and institutions. The 14th largest bank in the state of Texas, Nexbank is headquartered in Dallas.

Formerly known as Heritage Bank, Nexbank offers its customers mobile banking, checking accounts, savings accounts and financial services such as mergers, corporate lending, customized programs, and private lending. Certificates of deposit are offered with a high premium return.

With over four billion dollars in assets as of early 2017, Nexbank serves the real estate industry with loans, capital, and business management services.

In real estate and business management, they provide services such tenant control and lease administration. Nexbank is also engaged in providing construction project management, property management, budgeting and account control. In other words, Nexbank is an all-in-one merchant bank with the expertise and resources to manage just about any project for business or institutions.

A full line of services to businesses are key to the success of Nexbank, and they provide a vast number of services, including cash management and expense control, collections, risk management and analysis.

With four locations in East and Central Texas, Nexbank provides leadership in quality financial services and planning.