Purina PetCare: A Leader In The Pet Food Industry!


I was recently reading the July 24, 2015 Purina news and saw that the company celebrated a landmark unveiling of a new dog park and 50 years in Crete, Nebraska. With the grand opening of the “Waggin” Tail Dog Park, which is a joint effort between Nestlé Purina’s Crete manufacturing facility and the city. The Nestlé Purina plant is an all-important enterprise to the Crete residents and the community overall.

Along with the 50-year celebration in Crete, the dog park grand opening share the spotlight with the company’s 50-year anniversary recognition in Crete. The pet food company represents the second largest employer in Crete, Nebraska. The employer provides jobs for an estimated 460 workers and has been a pinnacle integral part of the community for 50 years.

This company values its long-time partnerships with other local area organizations, like the public schools in Crete, and other business partners such as Crete Carrier Corporation. Purina Petcare values its associations with manufacturing plant employees. Originally, the factory was under the ownership of ALPO Pet Food, Inc., which opened in 1965.

In 1994, Nestlé acquired ALPO, and Ralston Purina acquired the company later in 2001. Currently, the Purina Petcare Company produces a variety of canned and dry food products. It is remarkable for a business to reach its 50th anniversary, but this particular enterprise has grown tremendously and has been a substantial asset to the community in Crete Nebraska.

Purina Petcare Promotes responsible, community involvement and positive bonding between people and their dogs. As a cutting-edge, worldwide marketer of pet food, Purina PetCare is a global leader in the industry of pet nutrition and wellness. They believe in development of dog food that nourishes the whole dog from providing energy to catch a frisbee in mid-air to fetching a frisbee from the backyard pool.

The dog owner’s bond with their furry friends is important. The connection enhances a dog’s life, as well as the dog’s human. Purina Petcare dedicates time to ensure that dogs have the best nutrition product available. There are countless scientists, nutritionists and researchers that have one objective to make sure dogs have the best nutrition money can buy.

Purina Petcare believes in result-driven nutrition. Research outcomes are the formula for providing dog lovers with the best quality nutrition in the market for their dogs. High-quality protein is important and a substantial element of a balanced diet for a dog’s health needs.

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