Public Anger Builds as Senate Majority Chances Look Slim for Republicans


The mood of the nation against the controlling powers in Washington is likely to see the Republicans obtain a small majority in the Senate in next weeks elections. However, with many Senate races too close to call around the country, the Republican majority could be so small that it will have little effect on the perceived problems the public have become annoyed with as Congress has remained split, according to CNN.

Political heavyweights from both the Republican and Democratic parties have been touring the country in a bid to encourage a high voter turnout that could sway close election campaigns. From Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to potential Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, tight election races have seen some of the biggest names in American politics appear on the campaign trail and call for a high voter turnout.

President Obama will make his way to Michigan in a bid to help Democrats in the state in their election campaigns. Obama has been seen as a problem by many campaigners who do not wish to have their candidates linked to the current President. GOP hopes of achieving the needed 60 seat majority in the Senate have been struck by an expected low voter turnout. Public opinion has recently shown a high level of anger and unhappiness with the current stalemate that exists in Washington, Republicans hoped to take advantage of a Senate majority to force through their own legislation and block the policies of President Obama for the remainder of his Presidency.  No matter what though, the closeness of these races has me and Stephen excited to sit at home, get a glass of wine, and see how things turn out.

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