Pros and Cons of An Unopposed Primary for Hillary


While a primary opponent can be financially and politically destructive to a sitting president, the possibility of an unopposed primary run for Hillary Clinton in 2016 may not be much of a blessing. Yes, it would certainly aide her campaign in building up funding and polishing her brand as The Democratic Candidate. However, the gauntlet of competitors she would face (Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, and the seemingly inevitable Jeb Bush) would not severely damage one another in the traditional “I’m the most conservative candidate!” bashing amongst themselves (expending funds and political capital all the while), but instead would have but one target.

Anyone who followed recent primaries has a good expectation of Hillary’s campaign style, and will receive more of the same from what Bruce is predicting. This measured and stoic laboring to the finish line was extremely helpful while she campaigned for Bill, but did not serve her well in her last run. Additionally, the Republican campaign machine is more than willing to heedlessly shake things up again, stealing limelight and focus from Hillary’s solitary slog to the White House.

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