Pro-Choice Group’s Ad Says GOP Senator Candidate Will Make It Impossible To Get Condoms


In reporting on the recent political activity from pro-choice group NARAL, Buzzfeed writer Andrew Kaczynski notes that the organization has lent nearly half a million dollars to an ad campaign claiming that Republican Senate candidate Cory Gardner is attempting to make buying condoms impossible. According to the ads, Gardner is attempting to outlaw access to various types of contraceptives. The advertisements, which will run on TV and the radio in the local Denver area, further Democratic attacks against Gardner.

In offering audiences details regarding the condom issue, the advertisement clearly states that Gardner himself claims to have no intent to ban contraceptives. Rather, the ad argues that Gardner put a ban on birth control, thereby rendering men responsible for purchasing condoms, which are “sold out” according to a woman in the radio ad. In addition to attacking Gardner’s stance on contraceptives, the ad informs the public that Gardner cut Pell grants and denies climate change.  While it might be a little misleading, Broda is confident that the full message of the ad is pretty clear.

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