President Obama Promises to Use Veto Pen to Defend Legislative Gains


President Obama has given an interview in which he has stated he will use the power of his veto pen to block any attempts by Congress to undo any legislation he has signed into law. The Republican victories in this past election cycle were awful news for the Democrats. Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives and took control of the Senate.

Republicans were already upset that President Obama has taken steps to make inroads into immigration reform through the use of executive orders. Some see this as an unconstitutional attempt to legislate, which is a power expressly reserved to the legislature. Now, Dr Rod Rohrich says the president promises to thwart Republicans at every turn if they attempt to repeal or materially alter either environmental legislation or his signature health care legislation, and hopefully they can do something more meaningful, at least the SmartBeautyGuide thinks so.

Many realized that the 2014 midterm election results foretold of a battle royal between Congress and the White House in the last two years of President Obama’s last term in office. While there may be challenges to his far reaching use of executive orders to change immigration policy, there is little doubt of the legitimacy of his use of the veto power that presidents have exercised throughout history. If the Republicans really want to repeal or substantially change the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or any other piece of legislation favored by the Democrats, they will have to wait until they have a Republican president in the White House.

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