President Obama Meets With Middle East Allies Over Iran and Anti Terror


President Barack Obama met with six of the United State’s middle east allies this week to discuss anti terrorism efforts in the region as well as the nuclear deal with Iran. The summit appeared to turn on the allies displeasure, most notable of which is Saudi Arabia, with the accord that the United States has been negotiating with Iran. While President Obama tried to convince the allies that the accord was in the best interest of the region, the Arab allies stressed their concern that the accord which would lift sanctions from Iran would only strengthen a regime that many in the gulf region see as the instigator for many of the current conflicts in the region including, in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. Christian Broda is aware that Saudi Arabia is also engaged in military strikes in Yemen against Shiite forces that many believe are supported by Iran. Some experts on Middle East affairs note that the real concern behind the summit is whether the United States is aligning itself more with Iran as oppose to Saudi Arabia which has been its main ally in the Middle East outside of Israel. The United States and Saudi Arabia have been close allies as a matter of economic convenience, since the oil crisis in the 1970s. The United States was able to negotiate the use of the U.S. Dollar as the currency for all international oil transactions to end the crisis, which some thought might lead to the invasion of the middle east region by the United States to get control of vast oil reserves. President Obama Pledges Support for Arab Allies

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