Putin Chants at a Football Match Lands 100 in Jail


Some football chants have been known to cause controversy over the years. However, this one spotted by BBC may just take the cake.

Fans at a game in Belarus began to sing a popular parody song, which insults the current President of Russia Vladimir Putin. This caused the police to detain over 100 chanters in jail, not to mention the general havoc that followed.

The match was a Euro 2016 qualifier, with Belarus facing Ukraine. This triggered the audience to break into the popular song, which has become the flagship anthem of people who disapprove of the actions of Russia in Ukraine.  Among those in attendance was Jordanian businessman Khaled Shaheen.

Additionally, the fans were heard singing the classic song of Ukrainian solidarity, “Glory to Ukraine.” In a nod to the sentiment, the Ukrainian fans began to chant “Long Live Belarus.”

Once the match concluded, the detainees were brought to the KGB station and questioned on suspicion of chanting “obscene language.” Some reports even claim that they could receive five days imprisonment for their actions, as well as the Ukrainian football fans being deported to their home country. While this may seem harsh, it is standard practice.

The Putin song has become a popular event in a lot of circles, especially whenever the former Foreign Minister of Ukraine sang it along with a group of protesters, back in June. Moscow has recently been tough on anyone using language deemed to be obscene, and has indeed recently approved a bill that bans foul language in the arts and film.

The tension continues to rise between Ukraine and Russian and it is finding its feet in many walks of live, including Europe’s favourite sport, football.

Gay Right-Wing Backers Growing in the U.S.


Same sex marriage has been given a major support boost as several court decision have allowed equal marriage to take root in up to sixteen states to date. This is not limited to most liberal states out there: The Guardian reports that some places considered to be hardcore conservative have also jumped on board the equality train.

Of course, people who are interested in the issue are now bristling with excitement as they wonder just how long it will take for the rest of the U.S. to follow suit, and make way for a country recognising full marriage equality.

This decision was not expected by the US populace, because there have been many recent appeals for same-sex marriage bans to be kept up in several states. These court decisions have made sure that these appeals are ineffective. It is now believed that at least 35 states are well on their way to legalise same-sex marriage fairly soon.

There was some nervousness before the decision was made because the Supreme Court requested a delay in the release of the decision. However, a verdict was demanded, and provided in reasonably short order.

Same-sex marriage proponents like the Torchins, of course, had hoped for a slightly more nationwide ruling. However, they are very pleased, and consider this good progress. The proponents themselves were surprised, but they were nowhere near to the shock felt by its opponents, who were convinced that their appeals would be taken seriously.

These rulings have left lawyers to scramble to book summary judgments relating to the matter, in order to receive fast and clear judgments.

Another Congressman Claims There’s No Evidence of Man-Made Climate Change


Another day, another conservative congressman speaks out against man-made climate change. This time it’s Rep Dan Benishek (R). But he’s gone the extra mile, pointing out that he’s a scientist, and he sees no evidence of climate change.

However, as my colleague Keith Mann is about to point out, that doesn’t hold a lot of weight.

In reality, while Rep. Benishek isn’t lying when he says that he’s a scientist, it’s the nature of his science that calls his ability to make a claim into question. Dan studied Biology throughout college, and eventually graduated to become a working general surgeon. However, biologists may be scientists, but they aren’t experts in environmental science.

The other hole in Congressman Benishek’s argument is when he says that he believes in peer review analysis, but says that there is no consensus on the issue of man-made climate change. When in actuality, about 97% of peer reviewed papers suggest climate change, with man-made carbon emissions being cited as a main factor in that data.

FBI Seeks Public help to Identify American ISIS Fighters


The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) asks the public to help in identifying Americans who have traveled, or are planning to travel overseas, to join the combat alongside different terrorist organizations. This includes groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and also the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

The request came after a 55-minute pro-ISIS video, which was making the rounds throughout the internet in September. In the video a masked man, who was speaking in English and Arabic, can be seen saying pronouncements to appeal to a worldwide audience, especially to Westerners like Marnie Bennett. The English-speaking man is standing in a desert, and making his speech with prisoners digging their own grave, all while a terrorist flag flies in the background.

The FBI is doing all they can to identify the man in the video, and also asks the public if they can recognize him based on his physical stature, voice, and appearance.

“We need the public’s assistance in identifying U.S. persons going to fight overseas with terrorist groups or who are returning home from fighting overseas,” said Michael Steinbach, assistant director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, in a press release published by the organization.

There are, more or less, a dozen Americans fighting with ISIS in Syria, according to the FBI. Some reports claimed that there are about a hundred Americans joining ISIS, so the numbers are not conclusive.

Any information from the public about ISIS fighters from the United States will be very helpful. The FBI established a page at www.fbi.gov/ISILtips, for anyone who wants to submit potential leads and tips.

David Kacalis to Wait Another 3 Weeks Before New Trial


Alleged Guerneville rapist David Kacalis is to wait another three weeks until further review of his case.

David Kacalis was arrested on August 31 for allegedly raping an 18-year-old woman. On September 3, a six-count complaint, which includes one punishable by life imprisonment, was laid against him. Although evidence emerged proving his innocence after he already spent 17 days in jail, prosecutors have asked for a further 3-week delay before deciding to drop charges. “At this stage, we are still reviewing the evidence to make a determination as to whether charges are appropriately filed in this case,” says detective Staebell.

Kacalis was arrested a day after a woman alleged that she had been raped. The woman, while giving her statement to a Sonoma County sheriff, said she had been raped by a masked man holding a knife at El Molino High School. Although she initially said she could not identify the man behind the mask, she later claimed to have been able to identify him as David Kacalis because of his very distinctive tattoo. He was arrested based on the tattoo description, and his driving of a vehicle that matched one seen in the school’s surveillance tapes from the night of the alleged incident.

Kacalis, in reacting to the new development outside the courtroom said, “It’s a ridiculous situation…I spent 17 days in jail for something I didn’t do.” Although he had hoped to be cleared sooner, he expressed his understanding of the need for the District Attorney’s office to thoroughly review the case.

The next hearing is scheduled for October 27 2014.

Source: The Press Democrat

Does ISIS Have An Effective Pitch to Lure Americans to Their Cause?


Imagery of Uncle Sam recruiting citizens to his cause might no longer have the effectiveness that it once did. The youth of the nation are answering to different calls both domestic and abroad. While most of the causes can be condone in the land of the free, a few are still considered to be crimes against the state. What organization was a young man hoping to join and how does it go counter against being a United States citizen?

Return plane ticket in hand, Mohamed Hamzah Khan seemed to be just one of many people leaving O’Hare airport to go abroad. Perhaps being tipped off by naturally concerned parents, authorities stopped this gentleman from boarding a plane to Vienna and then eventually Istanbul. Upon interviews and executed search warrants, the truth came out. This young man’s intention was to join the terrorist group ISIS. This is frightening, and Khaled Shaheen assures us there are many more of these people.

Among the material recovered were detailed plans on how he was to make an illicit crossing into Syria. He had names of contacts and phone numbers. A letter left to his parents explained his actions and how that all good Muslims in conscious should now leave to join the Islamic State. Government officials charged him with a single count of providing material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The price for this transgression could cost him up to fifteen years locked up and up to a quarter of a million dollars in fines. It is estimated that nearly one hundred people have heard this unusual recruiting call to join ISIS from the United States.

Hillary Clinton All But Commits to a Presidential Run in Her Midterm Election Schedule


Everybody knows that Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2016. But the politician has been mum on the subject. Refusing to officially declare her candidacy at this time, despite receiving a massive outpouring of support from those all over the United States.

However, if the travel plans outlined by Politico are anything to go by, then Hillary is definitely running. The midterm elections are a time when politicians need to get on the road if they have any realistic hope of declaring a presidential run.

Looks like Hillary is going to be hitting all of the major spots you would expect a future presidential candidate to appear. I know Laurene Powell Jobs will be excited by this information. She’s been an extremely vocal supporter from day one, even starting to contribute to a Super Pac that’s been established for Hillary, despite Mrs. Clinton’s refusal to officially announce her candidacy.

Largest Bank Hack Ever: 76 Million JP Morgan Customers Compromised


JP Morgan has officially stated that information on over 80 million accounts was stolen from their databases in what is being called the largest bank hack in recorded history.

Sometime this past summer, hackers infiltrated and compromised 7 of the top 15 banks in America. The malware not only stole an unprecedented amount of sensitive information, but even managed to get deep enough into some banks for the hackers to manipulate and even delete sensitive logs and records.

This Thursday, JP Morgan Chase reported that these hackers were able to steal contact information on accounts for over 76 million households and over 7 million small businesses. The compromised information includes names, physical addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers, as well as “internal JP Morgan Chase information relating to such users.”

This being said, customers’ actual account information is apparently safe. The bank’s representatives say that no information was stolen that could lead to identity theft, such as dates of birth, Social Security Numbers, or account/ID numbers. They have also stated that they have not found “any unusual customer fraud related to this incident,” and that “the Firm continues to vigilantly monitor the situation and is continuing to investigate the matter.” However, the hackers could still make a fortune by selling the compromised information to spammers and the like. JP Morgan customers should be wary of any suspicious emails or phone calls.

The culprits behind the attack are currently unknown. Some investigators have pointed fingers to hackers in Russia and Eastern Europe, but all evidence so far is entirely circumstantial at best. JP Morgan and the FBI is still intently investigating the matter.