OrganoGold Is The Healthy Coffee Alternative


OrganoGold is an organic coffee and tea brand from the Philippines, and the company has made a name for itself by creating the finest coffee and tea products in the world. They are also well known for being a healthy coffee brand. Bernardo Chua serves as their CEO, and he has used a visionary plan to bring OrganoGold to America’s shores. His company is bring the marketing plan they created to America, and he is pairing that plan with energy drinks, coffees and teas. This article explains why OrganoGold chose to create healthy and organic products for its customers.

#1: Organic Products Taste Better

On his Twitter it’s clear that Bernardo Chua knows that organic coffee and tea products taste much better than traditional products on the market today. Each organic coffee bean and tea leaf has a pure flavor that is difficult to replicate, and the soil in the Philippines used to create these products is much more wholesome than soil in other parts of the world. OrganoGold is offering a revolutionary flavor and a revolutionary product.

#2: Bernardo Brought The Brand To America

Bernardo Chua chose to bring OrganoGold and their energy drink products to America during the energy drink craze in the early 2000s. Bernardo’s vision for his company was to go worldwide, and the only way to reach the rest of the world was to start in America. Independent sales associates have been selling OrganoGold in America as a healthy alternative to other coffees, and the brand itself is catching on due to its healthy appeal. Bernardo was right to use America as a testing ground for his brand’s healthy qualities.

#3: OrganoGold Works For Everyone

Bernardo knew that his company would be a success in any country where the citizens wanted to eat healthy. Adding OrganoGold to a healthy diet allows people to keep up their diet while drinking something other than water, and a cup of OrganoGold coffee is much better for the body than a cup of traditional coffee from another company. A diet becomes much easier when organic coffee and tea are available.

The OrganoGold brand has a hold on the healthy coffee and tea markets, and their brilliant marketing scheme was created by CEO Bernardo Chua. Bernardo wanted the company to expand to America, and OrganoGold has become a byword for healthy tea and coffee products. No other company makes a product like OrganoGold, and OrganoGold will continue to grow as people discover the health benefits of such a striking product.