On Charles Koch And The Justice System


Charles Koch is an American billionaire and philanthropist who has built the record-breaking Koch Industries. Koch is worth $ 44 billion and has built a $ 110 billion conglomerate. It stretches from Wichita to over 180 countries and deals with everything from soaps to oil refineries.

Charles Koch is still the CEO and President of Koch Industries. From 1973, he has been involved in shaping the policy direction for America by seeking to influence the core since. It is an approach that has borne many fruits.

The Koch network wields massive influence. It has an annual budget of over $ 900 million with over 1200 permanent employees and offices in 107 cities spread across 45 states. It is a network that started with the CATO institute in 1973.

Charles Koch regularly comments on his position on various issues in America. He is indeed one of the most influential billionaires in America. He commissions studies to measure effects of different policies and tries to make sense of them.’

It came as no surprise when he took the Criminal Justice system by the horn. It is a deeply flawed institute that has jailed the wrong people many times. Koch has revealed that the prison system in America has created a perpetual cycle of repeat offenders thanks to its very nature.

When a person is arrested in America, it can be very hard to get a reputable lawyer. The lawyers supplied by the government are over worked and under paid and are under no motivation to work there. It is a system that means poor people can rarely get rights.

Charles Koch has also questioned the fundamental mantra of an American prison. It is supposed to be tough on crime yet the best approach should be smart on crime. It is important to reform the system to fit a European model. It is a model that emphasizes rehabilitation instead of retribution.

The European model has been proven to work time and again. Koch says another reason we need to rethink our system is because it puts too much money in the wrong place. The justice system consumes $ 250 billion annually, yet high schools get $ 50 billion. It is a reality that has seen America swell its prisons with minorities.

Charles Koch lives in Wichita with the Wife and children. He has been married to Liz for 42 years. They appear committed to each other and have two grandchildren.

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